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    Payments are delivered on weekly basis - every Monday if the amount is less than $1k. For payments of more than $1k we highly recommend to contact support and provide the invoice to be paid via wire.

    If the percent of launches is half as large as the system’s average the cooperation will be stopped (it says of a very low quality of your traffic).

    What are the prices?

    Our system is an exchange. The advertiser himself puts the price for installation. The user is offered the most favorable set of components.

    What is the minimum amount to be paid out?

    Minimum payment is $1.

    How does the site approval system work?

    We have a pre-moderation, which means that after adding a site, it will wait for the approval and if it does not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation, carries useful content and is not a single page, is not full of ads, the topic is indicated correctly, the website will be approved and you will be notified via email. It is also necessary to provide the access to the site’s statistics.

    How are the payments made?

    The payments are paid automatically on a daily basis at 17:00 Moscow time for the day before yesterday. If your account was deactivated, and you have an urgent need to withdraw your funds, please feel free to create a ticket with the request to pay out required amount of money.

    Do you have a referral system?

    You will receive 7% of attracted webmasters earnings or 5% of attracted advertiser’s costs.

    What should I do with mobile traffic on my web-site?

    Insterra lets you monetize mobile traffic as well, there is an option in your Profile called “Not allow mobile traffic”, leave it empty if you want to earn even more. Although, mobile traffic is not separated in the statistics, any sucessful mobile transition is considered an install, so, if your site has a considerable amount of mobile traffic, the CPM in your statistics will be slightly lower than general system CPM.

    Do you have a payment freeze time?

    The system freezes funds for the last day because of late receipt of advertiser’s data.

    Who are your advertisers?

    All the advertisers are carefully checked before distributing their components. Types of components can be as follows:

    • Browser homepage
    • Toolbar/browser plug-in
    • PC Software
    • Browser
    • Other standalone software

    How often is the statistics updated?

    Every 3 minutes.

    Why is my conversion higher than 100%?

    Several components can be installed during the launch of installer. The conversions is amount of component installed divided by amount of installer launches. Thus, conversion might exceed 100% much.

    How to top-up advertiser’s balance?

    Go to Balance page and click “Top-up”, insert amount and click “Top up”. Afterwards you will be redirected to webmoney merchant and you will be asked to approve the operation. The process of payment is totally automated and the funds are credited instantly.

    Is there any loyalty program?

    Yes, of course. According to the results of your income for two weeks (every 1st and 16th of a month) you get a bonus for the next two weeks in accordance with the table:

    Average daily profit for 2 weeks Bonus
    15 - 30 USD+1%
    30 - 48 USD+2%
    48 - 70 USD+3%
    70 - 115 USD+4%
    115 - 158 USD+5%
    158 - 215 USD+6%
    215 - 270 USD+7%
    270 - 343 USD+8%
    343 - 430 USD+9%
    more than 430 USD+10%

    However, if the amount of earnings for 2 consecutive days fell by more than 50% (from the lower limit of the interval) — the standard rate is taking into account immediately. Partners, who already have a higher rate (due to results of previous contests or otherwise), do not participate in the program.

    Is there an option of sending postbacks to my server?

    Yes, you can get postbacks to your URL about downloads, launches, installs and other events. In order to connect postback, please contact our support.

    What software cannot be accepted?

    We do not accept any adult, bot net software, tech support, miners, as well as any software which violates law of Russian Federation. In case your software found misleading or doing post-bundle installation - your account will be blocked and no refund issued.

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