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    Distribution of your products by PPI model:
    • browser extensions
    • Your URL as a homepage
    • Your browser as default browser
    • any software for OS Windows
    Banner advertisement in our installer
    • Cost Per Click (CPC)
    • The banner is shown on the last stage of the installer and fully covers user’s attention


    • An option to connect external statistics
    • You do not have to pay twice for repeated downloads
    • Competition within one component, not the entire system
    • Installation cost starts from $0.01
    • Over 4 000 webmasters

    Options to advertise your products and services:

    • Making your website as browser homepage
    • Installing your toolbar/plugin for a browser
    • Distributing your software
    • Distributing your browser
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    Still have questions?

    Advertisers support:

    Skype: wappoff
    Email: wappoff@insterra.com

    Skype: michaele266
    Email: michaele@insterra.com

    How it works?

    • Create an Advertiser account in our system.
    • Create an Advertising Campaign with help of an automated interface.
    • Your software/homepages are offered to be installed in installers downloaded from our webmasters’ websites.
    • You receive huge audience of active users!

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